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May 25, 2004

I'm Only Watching It 'Cause SHE Wants To.

Well, Juliana and I have been sucked into the black hole that is American Idol this season. I watched some of the first season because it felt like a train wreck that I just had to witness and I caught the finale of last year's show on a whim, along with a few of those horrid audition shows. But this year, Juli and I have been watching every week since the top 12 were chosen and we are both hooked. The funny thing is, I would never buy an album by any of the people on this show but I'm still interested for some reason. Even though I don't listen to a lot of new pop music I can still tell if someone has a good voice, is on or off-key, or a good performer. Plus, I like hearing the old soul, big band, and classic pop songs they have to sing on the show. (Disco night, I probably could have done without though!)
Anyway, so Juliana's favorites on the show have included Amy with the pink hair (do you have to ask why?), Sinatra-wannabe John Stevens (again because she liked his red hair), Hawaiian Jasmine Trias for the flower in her hair and becuase her favorite movie is "Lilo and Stitch", and lastly finalist Diana Degarmo becuase she likes to wear pink and has "yellow" hair. She does like to hear Diana sing but as you can see, hair is a major factor in her decision making process. We are currently feuding since she wants Diana to win and I'm swearing up and down it's going to be Fantasia.

But I don't really care. I'm only watching because she want to. Yeah.

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May 22, 2004

Friday Night

Well, last night Jason took Juliana to go see the movie "Shrek 2" with Bailee, Michelle and Dan. She got to eat popcorn at the movie theater and went out for pizza afterwards with Jason and Billy. What a lucky girl! Ava has had a bad cough for the past couple of days so we stayed home and watched a 2 hour documentary about the Lusitania on the History Channel. I also spent a couple of hours printing and cutting pictures to send out to everyone. Yay me!

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May 20, 2004

This and That

Well, last Friday Jason and I took Juliana to be screened for preschool! I'm so excited that she will be able to go to school a few days a week and play with other kids her age. She really needs it because I think she's getting pretty bored with me. I was so proud of her at the screening too. She was so polite and answered all the teacher's questions like a big girl. Apparently she needed to score at least a 9 on on part of the test to be in the program for "typically developing" kids and she scored a 30! I guess we've been doing an ok job.

In other news, we took the girls into the city on Saturday and they both had a great time. We rode the train into Union Station and walked down to Michigan Ave. to visit the Art Institute. Juliana doesn't have the best attention span but she did really like the Degas painting of ballerinas (big surprise.) We also walked along the river and saw the bridges all raise up for a bunch of yachts to pass through. It was pretty cool.

Also, Ava has discovered how to make many new noises this week. It sounds like she's saying "Mama" or "Bob" but of course she has no idea what any of it means.

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May 16, 2004


Just to let everyone know, I will be trying my hardest to print some of the latest photos of the girls to send out to everybody this week. I haven't sent out pictures in months, I know, so hopefully I can fix that in the next few days or so!

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May 13, 2004

Lazyhead and Sleepybones

So, Juliana and Maddie walk into a kitchen. They sit down to a meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. Juliana has a green plate and a green cup. Maddie has a yellow plate and a yellow cup. Juliana turns to her friend Maddie and says: "Look Maddie! They match!" to which Maddie replies, "Nooo, Juli, they're the same ."

When Sleepybones says he's feeling tired
Lazyhead wants to rest
When Lazyhead says it's number one
Sleepybones says it's best
When Lazyhead used imagination
Sleepybones daydreams
Sleepybones says it's it's not what what it looks like
And Lazyhead says it's not what it seems

- from "Lazyhead and Sleepybones" by They Might Be Giants.

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May 9, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

In case anyone was wondering, I'm the teeny one on the bottom (circa 1978).

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May 6, 2004

My Little Vegas Girl

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Can We Go Back to Vegas Now??

Well, apparently the baby who slept through the night so beautifully for everyone else over the weekend is not the same baby I picked up and took home with me on Sunday morning. This was extremely frustrating at first, but then I realized Ava was just coming down with a cold so now I feel guilty for being crabby about lost sleep. Every member of our family has the yuckies right now so it is advisable for everyone so stay very far away unless you feel like joining us in our misery. I did get Ava to sleep for 10 hours straight last night (after administering some baby cold medicine) but unfortunatley I was unable to capitalize on her sleepiness due to the fact that my head feels like its the size of a watermelon and my nasal passages completely block off the second I lay my head down on a pillow. Sleep! How I miss you! Ok. I'm done complaining for now.

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May 3, 2004

Best. Homecoming. Ever.

My girls rock. There is no doubt about it. I spent all last week worrying about whether or not Jason and I would return from Vegas to find our fleet of babysitters to be frazzled and sleep deprived and covered in baby barf but lo and behold! Ava slept through the night ALL THREE DAYS!! Plus, word has it that Juliana got along swimmingly with Maddie and Bailee when she was under the care of Aunt Stephy and Aunt Shelly respectively. Huge, HUGE sigh of relief. Plus, since my best friend is so completely awesome, I came home to a virtually spotless home. Score big points for that one. Maybe we should go on vacation more often? Hint Hint.

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