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June 30, 2004

Ravinia Tonight

We are bringing the girls with to Ravinia to see Lyle Lovett perform tonight! We've got lawn seats so we're bringing a big blanket and a picnic basket. Hopefully Ava will fall asleep in her stroller and Juliana can dance the night away.

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June 24, 2004

Breaking News

Over the past few days, Ava has developed the ability to sit up without help! She also can now push herself up onto all fours and rock there with a big gummy smile on her face. She's been "crawling" for a couple of months now, but really her crawl looks like she's a wounded solder the way she drags herself along the floor on one shoulder. Apparently it's working out for her though since every time I turn around she's bolted across the room and has her hand in a cat food bowl in the kitchen. (I know, I know, time to find a new place for those!) I fear how fast she will move once she gets the coordination going to travel up on her hands and knees. PLUS, yesterday I noticed her first tooth is finally coming in!! After months of constant drooling we have one break through. Lots of exciting stuff going on here.
Juliana is continuing her summertime fun bonanza. She had the pool party last week, as well as a sleep-over at Maddie's house while Jason and I went to the Mike Doughty show in Milwaukee. On Saturday she got to play at Bailee's house and on Tuesday she had Maddie over for a sleep-over here. Plus, tomorrow at pre-school camp is "Princess and Super-Hero Day" which she is incredibly excited about dressing up for. You don't really have to guess what she wants to dress up as, do you? Although Jason did make her second guess her Princess decision for a few seconds when he asked if she wanted to be Spider Man. (Don't ask me why she loves Spider Man so much!) Oh, and how could I forget? Juli and I had a Mommy-Daughter movie day last week when I took her to see the wonderful cinematic achievement that is Garfield: The Movie. I am actually not allowed to talk about how horrible this movie was around Juliana because she liked it so very much. I did have a good time taking her though since she had so much fun. Plus, there was popcorn and Milk Duds so I can't complain that much.

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June 22, 2004

Pool Party Photos

Thanks to Lara Broz for taking these adorable pictures of Juliana and Ava at Aubrey's party last weekend.

I really have to post more updates but we've all been out enjoying our summer--- which I suppose is probably more important than documenting every minute of our actual enjoyment. Still, I promise to get cracking soon...

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June 14, 2004

Galleries Galleries Galleries

Oodles of new galleries are up here!

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June 10, 2004

Is a Baby Bikini Really Necessary?

Of course not, but look at the cuteness!

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June 7, 2004


I love summer. I love it even more now that I get to do fun kid stuff all the time. My goal this summer is to do something fun for Juliana every weekend. (Ava enjoys getting out too but she loves staying at home chewing on her socks just a much so it's not quite as big of a deal if she has to stay home for some of our outings.) Anyway, last weekend it was raining so we decided to drive to Winnetka to check out the Kohl Children's Museum. Basically it had lots of hands-on activities for kids to learn about music and science along with a cool playroom with a pirate ship that Juli loved. She makes a real good (and super-cute) pirate.
Then, this past Friday we went to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Juliana and Jason were already fans but it was my first time for a movie in the series. We thought it might be a little scary for Juliana but it turned out that she loved it. The best part was when at a particularly climactic scene- where Harry and Hermione are flying away on the Hippogriff- she raved, "This is a great movie!!"
And if that's not enough fun-filled-action-packed adventure for this week, yesterday we drove to Milwaukee to go to the zoo with Stephanie, Greg and Maddie. The girls had a blast, enjoying Spongebob Squarepants popsicles, pony rides, the carousel, a train ride, and of course lots of cool animals. Juliana's favorites are still the elephants although she and Maddie got a big kick out of a baby monkey who came right up the the glass to blow kisses at them.

I'm going to try to get zoo pictures up in the gallery today but now I have to get Juliana ready for her first day of pre-school camp!

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June 2, 2004

I'm So Lucky

Awwwwww. Just look at these guys.

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At Long Last... Here it is.

The human body is an amazing thing. Please don't be put off by my gargantuan belly. It served me (and Ava) well. I have to say though, I don't really miss it at all. I certainly had to work hard enough to get rid of it!

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