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August 29, 2004

Three Stages of the Birthday Weekend

At Chuck E. Cheese on Thursday night:

Juliana looks as if she is calling for backup to help her escape the Crazed-Mommy-Monster that insisted on following her around all evening with a camera desperately trying to get her to pose for birthday pictures.

All dressed up for her birthday party on Saturday afternoon:

And finally, enjoying her new bike today!

She was so overwhelmed with all her new stuff but we eventually did open and play with everything. Thanks to all who helped celebrate the Birthday Girl!

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August 26, 2004

My Baby is Four Years Old Today!

Take a stroll down memory lane (if you'd like) here and here.

We're heading to Chuck E. Cheese tonight so look for pictures of my big girl later this weekend.

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August 23, 2004

No Boyz Allowed

Ok, so I totally stole this idea from Lara Broz, but I thought it was so cute when she did it for Aubrey that I just had to copy it. Today, we went to the UPS store and bought a big box that we proceeded to convert into Juliana's very own clubhouse. She is in absolute heaven right now! We will be making some additions onto the home in the coming days but for now she is happily playing in the one-room model.

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August 16, 2004

Yes, More Photos.

New Galleries Today! A lot of the photos in the new galleries have been posted here on the news page but there still are a bunch of other "never before seen" shots. Enjoy!

Riding the Tilt-A-Whirl at the Bartlett Summerfest. Oh yeah. It was fun.

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Ice Cream.....Mmmmmm.....





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August 9, 2004


Well, Ava decided to grace me (literally) with her first illness yesterday. Really, she covered me with it. Yuck! We were at my dad's house for a barbeque and she got very sick all over my lap. I guess we were lucky that we were sitting outside at the time, but honestly, my jeans could have fared better. I travel with extra baby clothes almost everywhere I go but I never thought I would require a spare pair of pants for myself as well. Ava also ran a slight fever last night but after sipping some baby tylenol and sleeping for twelve hours she is as good as new. I think she my have gotten sick as a result of the four shots she got at the doctor's office on Friday. For some reason, even though I have brought her in for a checkup every month since she was born they claimed she was behind on her shots and needed to double up this month. Thanks a lot guys. Juliana never got sick until she was two years old- the very same week she entered daycare for the first time when I went back to school. Oh well. I guess Juli could have brought home any number of germs from preschool too so we'll never know the real cause of the mystery illness. I'm just glad she's better now since it's so very sad to see a confused, sick baby throwing up and not understand what is happening to them.

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August 6, 2004

Last Day of Pre-School Summer Camp!

I think it's very possible that I might miss it more than Juliana. She's pretty sad about not seeing this group of kids and her two teachers anymore but we found out that one little boy from class will also be going to preschool at Liberty Elementary with her. Now we just have to make it through the whole month of August until that starts.

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August 2, 2004

Birthday Party Weekend

Well, we had two (very different!) birthday parties to attend this weekend. The first was for Ed and Kesa's daughter, Chloe, who is turning one year old this week. The other party was for our good friend Kim Linden (who is a few years older than Chloe but just as fun.) There were babies-a-plenty attending Choe's get-together so Ava was in heaven squealing baby talk at the other little girls, while Juliana relished her role as the elder-almost-four-year old, instructing the younger ones how to properly play in the kiddie pool and helping to blow out the candle on Chloe's birthday cake. Then yesterday at the Linden home, the girls enjoyed the attention they got from being the only kids at a "grown up" party. Juli spent most of her time playing with Jeff and Kim's dalmation, Gorby, and sneaking Doritos from other party guests behind my back. She also got to take her turn at the pinata, although seeing that Jeff and Kim had filled it with mini liquor bottles rather than candy, she of course did not get to reap the rewards of the game. Only at the Linden's I tell you.

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