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May 28, 2005

parent/teacher conference and the end of the school year

Now, I know that i don't often post here, (and tracey didn't know i even had an account. ha!), but I do have a good juliana story.

Juliana just finished her first year of public school, in the local early education program. She had gone to a daycare for a while when Tracey was finishing up her degree and that was, umm, educational. She was bitten a couple of times by some kid and the atmosphere was just out of control and weird. I did not like it at all and was glad that she was only there for a little while.

When she started the preschool program she had some troubles with the other kids. She was very bossy and a bit too aggressive at times. Her teacher let us know this in the first conference and we tried working with her about it throughout the year. Her reading, speech and motor skills continued to improve throughout the year, and she would tell us how she would talk to the other kids when there was a problem, and seemed to be improving on the social aspects as well as the educational aspects.

Things seemed really good, and I was hoping to hear some of the things that Juliana was telling us from her teacher in the final parent-teacher conference. The big day was a couple of weeks ago and I was very happy to hear about her improvement from the teacher herself. She even told us a story about Juliana reading a book they were being read to the other children!

So far Juliana has really thrived in an organized environment and the reading and artwork we do at home seems to be giving her a leg up in school. She is super excited about kindergarten and I can't wait to see her learn more from school starting in the fall.

Way to go, Juliana!!! Mommy and I are very proud of you. :)

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Juliana's Back Porch Shot

Juliana's Back Porch Shot
Originally uploaded by plural.
I just scanned this shot that Juliana took last summer from the dining room.

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May 25, 2005

A Gessner Girl You Don't Usually See Around Here

My beautiful neice, Bailee!


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This life holds its secrets like a seashell holds the sea,
soft and distant calling like a fading memory
This life has its victories but its defeats tear so viciously
This life holds its secrets like the sea

-Cowboy Junkies "This Street, That Man, This Life"

I'm sorry Michelle. We love you.

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May 22, 2005

Ava Likes the Tube Slide


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May 18, 2005

A New Gessner Baby- AND IT'S NOT MINE!

We got the breaking news this past weekend that Juli and Ava are going to have a new baby cousin this December! (And luckily, Michelle and Dan have already told everyone in the fam so I won't catch any heat for announcing it prematurely here. Hee-Hee!) I can't even tell you how excited I am that there is going to be another baby in the family and I AM NOT THE ONE HAVING IT. WOO-HOO! There will be a new little nubbin to play with at Christmas and it doesn't involve me gaining fifty pounds! Michelle is actually due on Ava's birthday right now which is super cool. I know so many people that have either recently had babies or are currently pregnant now and it feels so strange to finally be the one who is NOT pregnant. I thought at first after we decided not to have any more kids that I would be a bit jealous of people having babies but I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I'm not feeling that way- but rather I'm completely EXCITED to be an aunt again. And did I mention that I don't have to get gynormous in order have a baby neice or nephew? And that I won't have to throw up every day for two months?? Or have pain in my back that leaves me in a horizontal position for the whole month of December????

Oh yeah, and Michelle? You're totally having a boy. Because that would just be really entertaining for us all. (And we all know that the point of having babies is for the entertainment factor.)

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May 14, 2005

Now You See That Girl With That Diamond Ring, She Knows How To Shake That Thing...

I love it that Juliana is still in that stage where she thinks most everything I do is cool. I know if won't last much longer but I can't help but swell with pride when we get into the car and she requests for me to play Ray Charles' song "Mess Around" on the cd player and then proceeds to sing along. A day will come when she will loathe the music I love but until then I will relish being able to listen to my favorite music in the car. (Of course, she still hates it when I'm the one singing along. Some things are already uncool.)

Yesterday she was singing, "I've got a woman way over town that's good to me...Oh yeeaah". Though I'm happy she likes Ray Charles, maybe I should start paying a bit more attention to the lyrics and how they might sound coming out of a four-year-old's mouth. ;-)

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May 10, 2005

Galleries Again!

I just posted two new photo galleries for April and May on the photo page! A lot of the images have already been seen up here but there should be a few new ones in the bunch.

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May 9, 2005

Two of the Three Reasons Why My Mother's Day Was So Awesome



The third reason would be Jason, of course, however the only photos I have of him from this weekend are of him smoking cigars with Russ. (Of course, those photos will most likely be posted up on Flickr later this week!)

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May 6, 2005

Newest Ava Words!

"Keez!" (Cheese! She's saying this very word in the photo above.)

"Kee-Kee" (Kitty) has now become "Kee-Kat". She can also say two of the cats names- Lulu and Popo. (We often call Sailor by the name "Popo", "Sailor-Po" or just plain "Po" for some reason.)

"Yeah!" (She also nods her head up and down while saying so.)

"Kay" (Okay)

"Nigh-Nigh" (Night-Night)

"Po-Bo" (Peek-a-Boo)



and my favorite:

"Sissy" or "See-See" (Sister!)

Jason and I have come to the conclusion that although Ava still says "Da-Dee" when she looks at me, she really truly thinks that she is forming the word "Mommy". When you ask her to point to Mommy or Daddy she knows the difference, but if you ask her the question "Ava, can you say MOMMY?" she will look you straight in the eye and yell "DA-DEEEE!"

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May 3, 2005

Witness Yet Another Reason Why Mommy RULES

You can click the photo to see more images from all angles:


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May 1, 2005

2:24 PM: 2 Coats on 2 Walls Later

Halfway there! (I won't show you how the other side of the room looks...)


Getting tired. Remind me never to sign up for Trading Spaces.

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12:56 PM: Diving Into the Java Sea


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Juliana has been talking about repainting her bedroom since around Christmastime and it seems I've FINALLY gotten around to tackling it. Stephanie repainted her kitchen last weekend and I guess you can say it inspired me a bit to get off of my behind and do this thing. (She's always telling me that I inspire her to do stuff, which honestly feels a little weird to hear sometimes so now it's my turn to say, "HEY! YOU'VE INSPIRED ME, GIRL! TAKE THAT!") So before I go quoting lyrics from Peter Cetera songs let's cut to the chase and post some before photos. (Oh, and the finished product will eventually be a beautiful turquoise blue color entitled "Java Sea". Check back later for more work-in-progess pics!)





Hopefully it won't take me all week to finish this job!

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