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August 31, 2005

Well Done, Grasshopper

Juliana received a little bit of birthday money and last week I let her pick out what she wanted to buy with it while we were shopping at Target. When we walked into the toy aisle, I spotted this wonderful Alice in Wonderland doll and I was so excited. If you know me, you are probaly aware that I am a huge Alice fan and have been since I was very little. So I saw the doll and I really wanted Juliana to get it but it was her money and didn't want to push something on her that she didn't really want. Well, we browsed around the dolls and dress-up clothes (her favorites) until she finally saw the Alice and said excitedly: "MOM! LOOK AT THIS ALICE DOLL! This is what I want!" And she put it in the shopping cart.


I was so proud.

Of course, within ten mintues of removing the doll from the box her hair was immediately transformed into a snarled, crazy mess. Oh how it hurts me to see dolls and Barbies with knotted up hair! I often find myself spending significant chunks of time just bushing doll hair. And don't even get me started on the My Little Ponies! Yes, my need for cleanliness and organization extends to pony hair as well. I'm very tempted to buy another Alice doll all for myself that I can keep in pristine condtion. No, I am not kidding.

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August 28, 2005

Fairy Princess



Jason took these shots of Juliana in the backyard with her new lantern.

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August 26, 2005

Stop Growing Up So Fast, Would You? (Happy Birthday Sweetheart XOXO)

Juliana:"Mom? You know that even when I'm a grown-up, I'll still be your kid. And I'll come visit you every day. And we can have play-dates. When I have a little girl too."

Somebody just finish ripping my heart out right now please. I can't take it!

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August 24, 2005

Proud Mama

I'm still feeling sick but I feel compelled to post since so many things are happening this week. Yesterday, Maddie and Steph visited for Juliana's birthday and we went to Build-a-Bear Workshop. Maddie made a puppy and Juli made a unicorn (neither of which are bears, I know, but what are you going to do?) Juli wore her tiara to the mall and bought a tiara and a wand for her unicorn as well. Because what would a unicorn be without a tiara and a wand? We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and this is what they looked like there:


After Steph and Maddie went home we went to soccer practice where Juli kept telling everybody, "I'm the birthday girl!" I'm not sure what she wanted people to do with that information but she kept reminding them of it anyway. Apparently her birthday has now been transformed into a week long mega-event.

Then, this this morning at eleven o'clock, I walked the birthday girl to the bus stop for her first day of kindergarten:



She already made a new friend at the bus stop and everything and they both waved at me from the bus window as it drove away. *Sniffle* (Is that a sad sniffle or a sick sniffle? Or a little bit of both?)

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to try to catch a bit of rest before school gets out (Ava's napping! Yay!) and I head into the city to meet Jason for our anniversary dinner...

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August 23, 2005

Post-Party Juliana


My birthday girl all decked out! I'm sick now though, so I'll be slower than anticipated in updating. Patience, my friends.

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August 22, 2005

in a world of her own

listening to juliana sing when she thinks no one is listening is an amazing thing. She has excellent pitch, even when she mumbles through some words.

She has always been sort of a perfectionist, even when she was playing with her wooden blocks. Everything had to be facing the same way. This is a trait that ava has picked up on as well. Tracey and I were watching her play with blocks and while she turned her head away, I rotated one of the blocks. Ava turned her head back, cocked it slightly, rotated the block back the way she had it and then kept on stacking. :)

Back to singing, Juliana is smitten with "In a world of my own" from the disney Alice In Wonderland film, which is a favorite at the house, and of Tracey's since she was little.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Cats and rabbits
Would reside in fancy little houses
And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers
In a world of my own

All the flowers
Would have very extra special powers
They would sit and talk to me for hours
When I'm lonely in a world of my own

There'd be new birds
Lots of nice and friendly howdy-do birds
Everyone would have a dozen bluebirds
Within that world of my own

I could listen to a babbling brook
And hear a song that I could understand
I keep wishing it could be that way
Because my world would be a wonderland

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August 19, 2005

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Dan

Dan & Michelle
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We're heading out to the wedding this afernoon. I'll be sure to post photos of the girls in their adorable flower girl dresses tomorrow. Then, it's on to Juli's birthday party! What a weekend.

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August 13, 2005

Toddler Pronunciation

Ava refuses to say "Juliana", "Juli" or even "JooWee", despite me trying my best to get her to say it.

Me: "Ava, can you say Juliana?"
Ava: "Sissee"
Me: "No, honey, Jooooooo-leeeee."
Ava: "Siiiiiiiisssssss-eeeeeeeeeeee"


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August 11, 2005

Ava: No Longer Afraid of the Water!



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August 4, 2005

A Stickler For Accuracy

I asked Juliana if she wanted Frosted Flakes for breakfast and she said:

"Nooooooo, MOM. They are called Frosted Flakes OF CORN".

I checked the box and sure enough, the girl is right. They ARE called Frosted Flakes of Corn. They are also, apparently, "Grrreat!" But you already knew that part.

That's what I get for teaching her to read.

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August 2, 2005

Behold the Curls

curly ava.jpg

In addition to Teletubbies and Boohbah, Ava is now completely into Elmo from Sesame Street. We have a dvd called "Elmocise" where kids sing and excercise with Elmo. (GET IT? Elmocise? HA!). Anyway, because of this dvd she calls Elmo "Wo-Wo-Sigh". She calls him this even if it's just Elmo on the tv and he's not exercising at all. She likes to run around singing about Elmo like this: "LALALA! Dats Wo-Wo SIIIIIIIIIGH!" It's unbelievable.

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