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January 28, 2006


Juliana lost her first tooth! She had been saying for a while that it felt loose but I thought she may have been exaggerating a bit since five is kind of young for teeth to be falling out. However yesterday she came up to me and it was hanging by a thread (yuck!) and by the end of the day it it was out! She was so excited. This was the first tooth that grew in when she was only five-and-a-half months old so it was kind of bittersweet as well. *Sniffle*



Ava wanted to get in on all the picture taking. (Earlier she had fallen and bonked her head so that is why she is sporting a Dora the Explorer band-aid on her noggin.)


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January 19, 2006

Like Mother Like Daughter

Juliana is adjusting well to her new school. This week she wanted to experiment with the hot lunch line and she told me she ate a cheeseburger and potatoes one day and rice with peas another day. She woudn't eat a taco though. If only I had such a good success rate with meals I prepare her. At home she seems to only prefer foods that are in "nugget" form.

Juliana really enjoys getting to see Maddie every day now but I'm also happy to hear that she is making friends in her class as well. A couple of days ago Juli came home and told me that she made a new friend named Eva. She went on to tell me that Eva used to sit next to her in the classroom but now she doesn't anymore. I thought about this for a few seconds and suddenly realizing something I asked her, "Did the the teacher tell Eva to change seats because you two were talking too much in class?" Juliana looked a little surprised at first and then looked down and slowly said, "Yeessss."

Now of course I did the correct thing and told her that school was for learning and not for socializing and that she neeeded to pay attention to the teacher while in class instead of talking BUT I have to admit that I was not too upset with her because it wasn't too long ago that there were two other young girls I know of that caused many-a teacher to separate them over the course of many years. Funny, those girls looked a little like the two mom's picking up Juli and Maddie that very same day. Hmmmmm.

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January 9, 2006


This is what has been happening over in our neck of the woods.

As for news in which I am not whining like a baby, a spot opened up for Juliana at Tippecanoe School and she started class today! She is so thrilled to be going to the same school as Maddie and is equally thrilled to be going to an arts-oriented school. And can I just say that all-day kindergarten RULES? It's the best thing ever (for both of us) and I love love love whoever invented it.

I packed a lunch box for my baby girl today. Yes, I took a picture of it.

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