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March 31, 2006

Can't Stop the Cute


"I love you Ava!"

"You love me??"

"Yes, I love you sweetie."

"Oh! Dat's great Mommy! I love you too."

I posted a few pictures on Flickr this morning. Now we're off to enjoy the sunshine!

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March 22, 2006

Just So You Know...

I've finally decided that I need to abandon the Gessner Girls Picture Central page in favor of Flickr. For a while I have been keeping up both sites but it's just gotten to be too much- you know with my real, non-internet life getting in the way. I will be leaving up the photo archives on the Picture Central page but from now on all pictures of the girls will be posted on my Flickr page. I will try to keep them in neat little galleries too. We'll see how this works out. (There's a fairly good chance I could change my mind and go back to the old site but for now this is what I'm going to do!)

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March 14, 2006

Say Cheese!


Ava's hair is really a glorious thing to behold. I'm jealous. She is wearing her new favorite shirt in this picture. It says "Queen" and has a picture of a bee. She is also eating a Dorito because I am Mom of the Unhealthy Snacks.


I was sick of Juliana making funny faces for the camera so told her to "smile like Bailee always does in her pictures." I think those of you who know Bailee will agree that she did a good job. Now if only I could always get her to do this! (Don't you just love her big puffy snow boots with her skirt?) Continuing with the unhealthy snack theme, Juliana is eating bag of Cheetos. I kind of wish I didn't have documentation of them eating junk food.

Oh, and about the teeth-brushing post from last week. I looked at Juliana's toothpaste again and she actually does have Colgate's Dora the Explorer toothpaste so the marketing reference didn't come out of nowhere. I apparently pay no attention to brands that I buy. Good thing she is on the ball for me.

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March 7, 2006

Well, Advertising Does Pay Our Bills...

I love that Juliana started reading so early. It seems crazy that she's been a reader for about a year now already. Something that is funny though is that because of the fact she can read, she is hyper-aware of brand names and slogans now and she will correct you if you get them wrong. I've never been a brand-conscious person. I've never owned a shirt with GAP on the front or really any article of clothing that advertised a particular designer or brand. I've probably made more attempts to not purchase items based on marketing than because of marketing. So it takes me off guard sometimes when Juli says something like "My teeth are really white. It's because of my Colgage TOTAL toothpaste!

What's even better is that she doesn't even use this type of toothpaste. I buy her some kind of bubble gum pink princess toothpaste but she obviously reads the label on mine when she's brushing away.

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March 2, 2006

Going Out

Tonight is "Gallery Night" at school and Little Miss Juliana Gessner will be presenting the painting she created of Milwaukee's Miller Park. Tonight is a continuation of the "Celebrate Milwaukee!" theme that's been going on all semester. It's a very formal occasion so we are all getting dressed up for it. Also, we will be picking up Jason at the airport after the festivities. Woo!

I'm just happy she didn't paint a picture of the brewery.

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