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March 14, 2006

Say Cheese!


Ava's hair is really a glorious thing to behold. I'm jealous. She is wearing her new favorite shirt in this picture. It says "Queen" and has a picture of a bee. She is also eating a Dorito because I am Mom of the Unhealthy Snacks.


I was sick of Juliana making funny faces for the camera so told her to "smile like Bailee always does in her pictures." I think those of you who know Bailee will agree that she did a good job. Now if only I could always get her to do this! (Don't you just love her big puffy snow boots with her skirt?) Continuing with the unhealthy snack theme, Juliana is eating bag of Cheetos. I kind of wish I didn't have documentation of them eating junk food.

Oh, and about the teeth-brushing post from last week. I looked at Juliana's toothpaste again and she actually does have Colgate's Dora the Explorer toothpaste so the marketing reference didn't come out of nowhere. I apparently pay no attention to brands that I buy. Good thing she is on the ball for me.

Posted by Tracey Gessner at March 14, 2006 4:07 PM