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March 7, 2006

Well, Advertising Does Pay Our Bills...

I love that Juliana started reading so early. It seems crazy that she's been a reader for about a year now already. Something that is funny though is that because of the fact she can read, she is hyper-aware of brand names and slogans now and she will correct you if you get them wrong. I've never been a brand-conscious person. I've never owned a shirt with GAP on the front or really any article of clothing that advertised a particular designer or brand. I've probably made more attempts to not purchase items based on marketing than because of marketing. So it takes me off guard sometimes when Juli says something like "My teeth are really white. It's because of my Colgage TOTAL toothpaste!

What's even better is that she doesn't even use this type of toothpaste. I buy her some kind of bubble gum pink princess toothpaste but she obviously reads the label on mine when she's brushing away.

Posted by Tracey Gessner at March 7, 2006 9:12 AM