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September 30, 2006

No More Babies In This House

Ava is now completely potty-trained! She has been doing great with almost no accidents for a few weeks now but last night was the first time she went overnight without wearing a pull-up. She woke up clean and dry (although at quarter-to-seven this morning) and she is as proud as can be. The only obstacle we have left has to do with public restrooms. But really, can you blame her?

I need to post some recent pictures soon. Maybe later today.

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September 25, 2006

Busy Days

So why am I so slow at updating this page with details of our eventful lives? Maybe because I'm spending all my free time driving around to said events? Maybe so. Despite everything being so hectic, I'm very happy that Juliana is wanting to get involved in so many things. (And by so many things, I do mean EVERYTHING.) I figure now is the time to test all the waters and then maybe next year she can whittle her schedule down to her favorites and go from there. Right now I just got back from picking up her (very tiny and oh-so-cute) violin. She is registered for Girl Scouts now and I ordered her Brownie uniform. We've got soccer practice two days a week and games on Saturdays as well as ballet class on Tuesday afternoon. There is another dance class offered after school on Mondays that she really wants to take with Maddie as well. I've still got to get her into swimming lessons (since she has yet to learn how to swim) but I'll probably wait until winter when soccer is through. God help us when Ava starts all this. In fact, after December she will be able to take classes at Danceworks as well- which is great because she is a tad jealous of all Juliana's activities. Maybe we'll sign up for some toddler gymnastics? Don't tell Juli because I'm sure she'll want to take that too...

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September 14, 2006

Two Things

1. I am no good when it comes to teaching shoe-tying. Loop, swoop and pull, right? That last step is tricky and Juliana is not happy about it.

2. Juli's teacher chose her to be on the student council! She will also be starting violin lessons through the school. This kid is unstoppable. (Except when it comes to tying shoelaces.)

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September 11, 2006

Long Overdue Update!

Juliana started first grade last Tuesday! I probably should have updated sooner but frankly I've been enjoying the free time in the mornings. After school is a bit hectic however. We now have soccer practices two days a week (with Saturday games) and ballet once a week. On the afternoons we're at home there is much running up and down the street between the neighbor kids' house. Juliana loves to play with her friend Bella, but I think she has a little crush on Bella's older brother Eli. (I know. I don't want to think about it.) I start my own dance class again tonight so the schedule is filling up even more.


Ava is doing marvelous on the potty still! She wears a pull-up to bed at night but all day she wears her Tinkerbell or Curious George underwear with only a few accidents this past week. She is so proud. Of course, she loves the reaction she gets from us when she goes on the potty so that means she wants to go all the time. Let's just say I've been logging a lot of time in the bathroom with her. I'll take that over diapers though!

Juliana had her first soccer game this past Saturday. I have to say that I really love to watch the kids play. I'm so glad we found a team for her again this year.



Her team- the Sunfish- won 7 to 5! We have a soccer prodigy on our team that scored six of the team's seven goals. It was pretty fun to watch.

Lastly, I have to share with you the girls latest favorite toys in the house. Juliana got some toys from The Littlest Pet Shop collection for her birthday and we must bring them everywhere now. So far, Juli has named two of them.

I present to you, John:

And Lindsay Lohan:

Yes, my daughter has named a little toy dog after the actress and notorious Hollywood party girl, Lindsay Lohan. God help us. She claims that she heard the name on the Disney Channel and liked it. Now, I love the movie "Mean Girls" as much as the next person, but for some reason when I hear my two year old squealing "I love you Linsey Ho-han!" it sends a weird shiver up my spine.

And there you have it. That's what's up in our neck of the woods. I'm out.

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