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June 20, 2007




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June 12, 2007

This Is What Happens When You Leave a Three Year Old Alone With a Pair of Scissors



Ava cut off the source of her power- that being her long, glorious, blonde locks of hair. I hear this is a thing that kids often do but had you seen her old hair??? I can't even think about it now.

Yes, she's still cutie, I know. And luckily hair does grow back.

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June 4, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

My favorite song, Spring 1987: You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi

Julian's favorite song, Spring 2007: You Give Love A Bad Name by Blake Lewis

Oh, the irony. (I personally prefer the old school hair band version to the hipster boy beat boxing one.) Also, Juli now has a tiny green iPod shuffle (courtesy of Jason's work) so she like to bop around the house with her earphones on while singing this song. Lucky kid!

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